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In-Akustik PREMIUM XS HDMI 3,0m

Kable HDMI
In-Akustik PREMIUM XS HDMI 3,0m
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Cena: 179,00 zł
Cena netto: 145,53 zł
HDMI HS + Ethernet
  • These smart High Speed HDMI cables are extremely thin with a diameter of just 3.6 mm. You benefit from the exceptional flexibility of these
  • cables. In
  • addition, they are extremely light and therefore particularly suitable for connecting mobile devices and unobtrusive installations. Threefold
  • shielding
  • minimises external interference factors such as those emitted from smartphones. The sensitive signals are transmitted without hindrance. A
  • 3-fold shielding
  • Conductors made of high-purity OFC
  • Ultra thin (3,6mm) and highly flexible
  • Tin plated copper conductors
  • (oxidation protection)
  • 24c gold-plated contacts

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